Served with your choice of rice and beans 15.99

1 Cheese Quesadilla
Your choice of any taco
Your choice of any
 enchilada or burrito

*Seafood burrito and Seafood Enchilada
not available on combo platter*


relleno De Queso

relleno De Pollo


Flour tortilla stuffed with meat, cheeses, refried beans, rice and pico de gallo. Then, rolled, sealed, deep fried and topped with sour cream 
(Both taco beef and pulled chicken) 14.99 

(shrimp, scallop and crabmeat) 17.99

Cuban style
(pork and ham) 14.99

Served with your choice of rice and beans


Chicken, potato and cheese stuffed into a fire roasted poblano pepper then batter dipped, baked and  topped with ranchero sauce and queso fresco. Served with your choice of rice and beans 11.99

A Fire roasted poblano pepper stuffed with Mexican cheeses then batter dipped, baked and topped with ranchero sauce 
and queso fresco. Served with your choice of rice and beans 10.99

Flour tortilla stuffed with cheese.
Topped with sour cream, onions 
and peppers upon request
Veggie 9.99 

Cheese 8.99 

Pulled chicken 11.99 

Grilled chicken 12.99 

carna asada 13.99

Barbacoa 13.99

Carnitas 12.99
Shrimp and crab 14.99

Mahi-Mahi 15.99

Steak and shrimp 14.99

** Pico De Gallo or Guacamole served 
with quesadillas upon request**

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Stevensville, MD 21666